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Welcome to RŌKA!

We are honored to have the opportunity to support your training and racing.

Your RŌKA discount code for swim products:T-Wildwood-30 is live now through the end of 2017. This will give you 30% off on swim products, such as wetsuits, swimskins, swimwear, and swim equipment.

Your RŌKA discount code for all other products: T-Wildwood-Special20 is live now through the end of 2017. This will give you 20% off cycling products, tri apparel, run apparel, and sunglasses.

In addition we have two ROKA team promotions going on at the moment! We are offering 40% off on select cycling gear. The code will work on jerseys, shorts, and bib shorts in the Emerald, Magenta, Cyan, and Acid Lime color ways. It will not work on all black, thermal gear, black/dark slate gear, wind jacket/vest, arm/and softshell jackets. Your code is: T-Wildwood-CYCLE40

The other promotion is 50% off 2016 Maverick Pro, Elites, and Comps. The discount is: T-Wildwood-WETSUIT50

For both these promotions, the offer only stands while supplies last.

These codes are used when ordering from our website, roka.com. We ask that you’re discreet with the discount code and refrain from sharing it with non-club members Please do not ask retailers to match your team discount. Please note that the code is not active during a site wide sale and you cannot combine your team code with any other discount.

At RŌKA, we’re dedicated to empowering triathletes and swimmers with products that make them faster – faster than they were yesterday, faster than they were last season, faster than their competition. Faster takes hard work, but when you find resonance in the water with your training and equipment there’s nothing like it. We call it “easy speed” and it feels AWESOME. Lost it? Never had it? No worries. We’re here to help with our MAVERICK wetsuits, VIPER swimskins, SIM shorts and SPCTRM optics.

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