Welcome to Inifinitri! A triathlon – based endurance sport coaching and training team. At Infinitri, we pride ourselves in being a diverse, unique group of athletes coming from all walks of life, skill levels, and goals. Our teammates are business owners, homeowners, elite athletes, stay at home mothers, students, teachers, doctors – you name it! We cover it all, and we are so happy to represent health, vitality, and robust dedication to physical, mental, and spiritual fitness and wellness. Infinitriathletes also give back to community through volunteering and participating in charity events. The Coach -Laura Hartman- is a USAT Certified Triathlon coach, Level 3 USMS Certified Swim Coach, Integral Yoga Certified Yoga Teacher, Madd Dogg Spin Instructor, as well as an AFAA certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist. The training programs are diverse and comprehensive, inclusive of functional strength, core stability training and yoga, as well as cutting edge models for endurance sports and triathlon training. All training programs are provided through Training Peaks, an online interactive coaching program that allows Laura full access to daily training data from each athlete. There are many options for coaching available, from daily/monthly written training sessions all the way down to occasional consultation as needed by the athlete; including one on one evaluations and training sessions, nutritional specifications and computerized body analysis if desired. Fees for coaching and related services vary based on the options you choose, and are discussed at the time of interview. You are most welcome to call or email to find out more about how Infinitri can be customized to fit your needs and desires. Please enjoy your day and your time cruising the site! All the best, Coach Laura

For more info on weekly classes and yoga visit  our yogahart website


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